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What are the best places to buy a home in Birmingham City

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Birmingham solicitors buying house in the UK for you is great especially if you want to live in some great places of Birmingham City. In the West Midlands, Birmingham is packed with all the great things people want in their neighbourhood. There are great universities, schools, colleges, hospitals, sports stadiums, museum, public parks, and theatres in the Birmingham City. Birmingham University, Aston University, and Moseley School are the landmarks of Education institutes in the World. Similarly, Queen Elizabeth Hospital is one the biggest European hospital for health and medical care. In addition, there are sports stadiums for cricket and football in the City. It is a great thing to buy your next home in the city of Birmingham. In this article, you will learn about what are the best places to buy homes in the Birmingham City.

Top places to buy homes in Birmingham City

There are many great places in Birmingham where you can buy your next home; however, in this article, you will be learning about a few top places that we will discuss in the coming headings.

  1. Selly Oak
    Let’s start with Selly Oak. If people want to buy a great affordable house, Selly Oak is the best place to start with. This place will suit best to the families having high great students; there are many great colleges in the neighbourhood of Selly Oak that are a part of University of Birmingham.
  2. Bournville
    Home to Cadbury Chocolates that everyone had tried once in their life. The product is sold all over the World so no one can deny the fact that Cadbury is the ruler in the industry. Beside Cadbury, there are many affordable houses in the town that people can buy. Students can read in great school in the neighbourhood of Bourneville in Birmingham.
  3. Edgbaston
    There are flats and semi-detached houses available in affordable price in Edgbaston. There is a cricket sport stadium in Edgbaston, so cricket lover would like to buy their home in this area of the city.
  4. Moseley
    Moseley is the home city of J.R.R Tolkien, famous author who wrote Lords of the Ring Trilogy that inspired many great modern writers in the World. The city best suits to young students, entrepreneurs, and business people. Moseley also is the home of Moseley School, one of the best educational institute for middle and high grade students. There is no doubt that Moseley is the best place for your future home in the city.
  5. Solihull
    The next best place is Solihull. The only thing that brought it lower in the list is because of higher prices, but not that high that middle income people can’t pay. Flats in Solihull starts from start from £500pcm, while prices of larger flats might go up to £600pcm. Semi-detached houses are normally sold at the price of £650pcm.
  6. Harborne
    If you love charming atmosphere, friendly neighbourhood, great restaurants, cafes, pubs, and schools, you can buy your home in Harborne. 1 bed flats are available at £400-£600, three beds at £700; semi-detached houses start from
  7. Kings Heath
    Bustling high streets, cafes, pubs, theatres, and transport facilities are all available in Kings Heath. It is one of the best places in Birmingham City where you can buy your home.
  8. The Mailbox, Dibeth, and Jewelry Quarter
    Beautiful streets all packed with great houses, semi-detached residencies will suit any family to live in these areas. There are great pubs, bars, theatres, and malls in these areas of the Birmingham City.


There is a lot of space for buying a home in Birmingham City. Some places like Solihull is categorized as the top places to buy homes in the UK. Birmingham solicitors buying house are available in the city to help you with your home buying deals. For more information about conveyancing in Birmingham City, people can visit our website.

Compare Conveyancing Birmingham Solicitors

Compare Conveyancing Birmingham
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Planning to move to one of the top cities in England? Birmingham has quite the history and tradition with modern amenities. If you have the budget for it Birmingham offers great ranges of properties you can move into. Compare conveyancing Birmingham solicitors to get cost-effective rates for a smooth stress-free conveyancing process.

Birmingham is the second largest city in England after London. The city at the heart of England if filled with history and tradition. Many of the architecture in Birmingham city makes it very picturesque. Along with a number of Museums and parks with beautiful green spaces, the city provides for great entertainment spots for clubbing, live music and cinema. Moving to Birmingham can be a little tricky as getting a property need quite a bit of a budget, but if you want there are quite interesting properties that you will love.

Finding a conveyancing solicitor within Birmingham wouldn’t be that hard. And if you aren’t in Birmingham yet, you can also instruct a conveyancing solicitor through the internet. Local conveyancing is preferable and one on one interaction with your solicitor builds confidence, but conveyancing is something that can be done from anywhere in England and Wales. The solicitor can request the documents from your or the local authority through the Internet and likewise send you back documents. Conveyancing through the internet can save you time and money on petty expenses.

The abundance of conveyancing firms in Birmingham will make comparing conveyancing quotes quite time-consuming so make sure to have a checklist to confirm what you want from the conveyancing. There are many online sites that help you compare conveyancing solicitor. These sites take brief information from you like your position on the transaction (if you are a buyer, seller or re-mortgaging), location and the price of the property. This information allows the site to give you a personalized list of conveyancing solicitors that will help you in your conveyancing process in Birmingham. Gather the firms or solicitor quotes that fit your budget and perform more research on them. Personal recommendations by friends or co-workers also work better as they’ll have some prior experience with the conveyancing firm.

Researching the conveyancing quotes is going to take a little while but you would not want to fall for misguiding quotes. Firms and solicitors may quote you different rates from the actual cost hiding additional costs in fine print. So the cheapest conveyancing quote may not be the best one to choose. The properties on Birmingham already ask for a hefty price, you don’t want to get trapped into a bad quality conveyancing service. Contact the firms personally to confirm every cost listed on the quote. Make sure the quotes don’t incur additional charges for petty tasks like document requests and completion bonus.

Birmingham is a great place for anyone that caters for any need. But making sure your conveyancing is handled by well-reputed and experienced conveyancer will comfort you. The fast and smooth conveyancing process will make your move to Birmingham a better experience to enjoy the wonderful city of Birmingham.