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Birmingham solicitors fees and other costs of conveyancing

birmingham solicitors feesBirmingham represents as a perfect place for living with a lot of things that offer better quality of life. From highly ranked schools and universities to museum, parks and entertainment spots you can expect to have something for everyone. The second largest city, however, doesn’t sport many residential homes in places like Bournville, Edgbaston, and Edgbaston. If you are planning to buy a property in Birmingham you may want to look into different options and consult with the local real estate agent. If you are selling a property then there’s a high chance that there are many people who are willing to buy it. In both situations, you need conveyancing solicitors to handle your legal case during the transfer. The average estimation of Birmingham solicitors fees ranges from £300 to around £800 without the disbursement fees. The average rate of conveyancing is £850 according to a poll in 2013.

Birmingham is quite popular for its quality of life. It has been ranked in the 51st position for the overall quality of life in the world. That makes it a good destination for many people in an out of England and Wales. One thing for certain is that you are going to need a pretty good budget for scouring properties in Birmingham. According to a research of house prices in Birmingham, the average house price was £111,035. Despite the high house prices, there hasn’t been a shortage of buyers as purchase volumes have always been steady in Birmingham.

If you are selling a property in Birmingham these are the average fees you can expect from conveyancing firms:

Basic Solicitor fees:

The fee depends upon the estimation of work and time spent by the solicitor on your case. This can range from £300 to £800. This rate can be more depending upon the complexity of the case. If the property is a leasehold, you may be looking at around £150. VAT may be included or is additionally charged

Land Registry office copies:

Documents requested from the Land Registry office to verify your claim on the property you’re selling. These cost around £10

Telegraphic Transfer Fee:

This only applies if you have a mortgage of over £60,000. If not the fee is free with Bank Account Clearing System (BACS)

If you are buying a house in Birmingham there are much more tasks and services you will be charged for.

Solicitors Basic Fee:

This is again around £300 to £800. VAT may or may not be included.

Land Registry office copies:

The solicitor has to verify the ownership of the property by seller or sellers so it’s eligible for transfer. This will set you down around £8 in Birmingham.

Local Authority Searches:

Searches for specific information about the property and the neighbourhood is performed the local authority during conveyancing. This may take up to 5 days for the reports to get to you. This costs up to £200

Other searches:

Drainage search may cost £40, Environmental Search around £35, Chancel Repair Liability Search costs £10. And other location specific searches can be performed according to the requirement and state of the property you are buying. The fees for this can go from £40 to £300. These are all exclusive of VAT.

Land Registration Fee:

Land registration fees are charged according to the price of the property with a set scale which can be obtained from Land Registry.

Telegraphic Transfer Fee:

Bank charges a small amount to transfer the balance to the seller’s solicitor. This fee depends on the Bank.

Stamp Duty Tax:

The tax for owning a property depends on the price of the property. This is also in a set scale and can be found easily.

While these fees are additional to the basic Birmingham solicitors fees, you have to confirm every service charge is fixed before you start instructing your solicitor. Which is why you have to look for a fixed price conveyancing quotes from firms.

Everything you want to know about online conveyancing reviews

online conveyancing reviewsPeople should buy their homes in the UK, as living in your own home make your life stress free. Ensuring your privacy, it will also give you more control in your life. Moreover, people can sell freehold property anytime if they want and then they can move to any other potential area of the country. Cost of property is an equity and its value increases because of the rise in property market of the UK.

Self-Conveyancing in the UK

DIY conveyancing or self-conveyancing is truly possible; people can buy homes by their own if they have the deep understanding of home conveyancing laws in the UK. Without knowing the laws of conveyancing of homes, never proceed to home buying deals or you will be losing quite some money, especially if you make a terrible mistake during the process of buying homes. In such cases, you should better look for a property attorney in your local areas.

Solicitors working on the property market vs solicitors working online

Online Solicitors

Now days, people can hire property lawyers from online solicitors websites. There are many legitimate and legally authorized solicitor’s firms working on the internet platform, as we use to call as e-Conveyancer. Sitting in their homes, people can just make calls to the solicitors, asking about their conveyancing quotes and they will offer you their best services in your local area.

Solicitors working offline in the property market

There are hundreds of firms in the UK property market; just visit their office to ask their advice and conveyancing quote on the home on your buying. Many different types of solicitor’s works in the UK such as fixed fee based solicitors, hourly based solicitors, no win no pay fee based contract and many different other property lawyers.

Hiring an online solicitor

If you are looking to hire an online conveyancing solicitor, you should start with SRA (solicitors regulation authority) website. The site has the database of all the solicitors and property law firms working in the UK. Just search the website for the best solicitor or the firm in the local area where you are buying the homes as the local solicitors would provide you the best home buying service as compared to the one living in the far side of the country.

Solicitor conveyancing reviews

The main issue with online conveyancing firms is the legitimacy of their work. A few years back people use to wonder why and how a solicitor would give them the best home buying services. However, these days, they have their complete interest in the services of solicitors and licensed conveyancing working on the online platforms. But how would you approach a solicitor and who is the best on the online platform. In the next few heading, people will learn about, e-Conveyancing and how they can approach the best solicitor working online.

Facts about Conveyancing website

Outlined below are the few facts about online conveyancing firms.

  1. You would be asked about Solicitor conveyancing quotes
    First thing, website asks from you is the conveyancing quote of the solicitor. You would be entering the overall cost of house and website will show you a lump sum conveyancing quote in detail sections such as solicitor basic fee and a few disbursements.
  2. No win no pay fee
    Online conveyancing agreements are based on no win no pay fee agreements. In case the solicitor failed to buy the home, fee will be returned to the buyer.
  3. Everything will be done by email and phones
    All the steps and stages of home buying would be done by email and phones. One every proceeding, client will receive a notification or update on his/her email count or on phones.
  4. Solicitor conveyancing reviews
    Reviews are the feedbacks by the past clients of the solicitors. An unbiased and fair review would let the new clients know if the solicitor is a professional person and experienced in his/her field.


Online conveyancing reviews is a good way to know about the truth worthiness and reliability of a solicitors working on the online platform. For more information, people can visit our website.