Top 5 Conveyancing Solicitors

Top 5 Conveyancing Solicitors in Birmingham

Birmingham is one of the leading cities in the United Kingdom. The city is considered one of the best for the selling and buying properties in the UK. The prime reason behind it is the facilities available from all aspects from the residential and commercial facilities. A seller or buyers thus look for the best solicitor in this area for hassle free and smooth conveyancing process. Here are the top 5 conveyancing solicitors in Birmingham who can give you quality service.

Top 5 Conveyancing Solicitors

Before moving on to the solicitors, one must understand the criteria of the solicitors to be preferred in the competitive market. The experience and quality of the counsel are of course two of the key parameters. However, the feedback, reputation, track record and the different schemes for the conveyancing process and affordability are also responsible for preferring such solicitors. It is not that there are only five good law and conveyancing firms, but these five are one of the best as per criteria. They are not in any particular order.


NBM Law is one of the most popular law solicitor groups in the Birmingham and the UK. One of the best law firms who have dedicated solicitors for the customers. There are different kinds of schemes available from the Government, and the NBM Law solicitors have a broad range of offers for all the clients in Birmingham. The NBM Law has different conveyancing rates like hourly, fixed or even no win no fee rates and these are considered one of the best prices for the buyers and sellers.

Lambert Pugh LLP

Lambert Pugh LLP is one of the most reputed law firms and has earned a good reputation for being one of the easiest law firms to deal with regarding conveyancing. However, it is not only famous in terms easiness to partner with but also regarding affordable rates and different schemes like fixed rate, hourly and others.

Reilly & Co

This is a law firm that has ensured that the conveyancing becomes one of the easiest in Birmingham. Birmingham is an attractive place for the property, and this law firm has ensured that people from different locations of United Kingdom can safely move in. All the rules, regulations, and formalities are explained and addressed during the conveyancing process. It also has affordable rates for the conveyancing.

Beaumont Legal

Beaumont Legal is also one of the leading and major law firms in Birmingham that can provide great assistance for the conveyancing process. The highly capable solicitors with strong background ensure high productivity and smoother process for the conveyancing within affordable price ranges.

My Home Move Conveyancing

My Home Move Conveyancing has been in the Birmingham for quite long time, and it enjoys a high reputation from the buyers and sellers. The swift process experienced and hassle free conveyancing approach are the major take away from the law firm. It offers various conveyancing schemes like “No Win No Fee”, Fixed Price, and Hourly rates.

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