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Top 5 Conveyancing Solicitors

Top 5 Conveyancing Solicitors in Birmingham

Birmingham is one of the leading cities in the United Kingdom. The city is considered one of the best for the selling and buying properties in the UK. The prime reason behind it is the facilities available from all aspects from the residential and commercial facilities. A seller or buyers thus look for the best solicitor in this area for hassle free and smooth conveyancing process. Here are the top 5 conveyancing solicitors in Birmingham who can give you quality service.

Top 5 Conveyancing Solicitors

Before moving on to the solicitors, one must understand the criteria of the solicitors to be preferred in the competitive market. The experience and quality of the counsel are of course two of the key parameters. However, the feedback, reputation, track record and the different schemes for the conveyancing process and affordability are also responsible for preferring such solicitors. It is not that there are only five good law and conveyancing firms, but these five are one of the best as per criteria. They are not in any particular order.


NBM Law is one of the most popular law solicitor groups in the Birmingham and the UK. One of the best law firms who have dedicated solicitors for the customers. There are different kinds of schemes available from the Government, and the NBM Law solicitors have a broad range of offers for all the clients in Birmingham. The NBM Law has different conveyancing rates like hourly, fixed or even no win no fee rates and these are considered one of the best prices for the buyers and sellers.

Lambert Pugh LLP

Lambert Pugh LLP is one of the most reputed law firms and has earned a good reputation for being one of the easiest law firms to deal with regarding conveyancing. However, it is not only famous in terms easiness to partner with but also regarding affordable rates and different schemes like fixed rate, hourly and others.

Reilly & Co

This is a law firm that has ensured that the conveyancing becomes one of the easiest in Birmingham. Birmingham is an attractive place for the property, and this law firm has ensured that people from different locations of United Kingdom can safely move in. All the rules, regulations, and formalities are explained and addressed during the conveyancing process. It also has affordable rates for the conveyancing.

Beaumont Legal

Beaumont Legal is also one of the leading and major law firms in Birmingham that can provide great assistance for the conveyancing process. The highly capable solicitors with strong background ensure high productivity and smoother process for the conveyancing within affordable price ranges.

My Home Move Conveyancing

My Home Move Conveyancing has been in the Birmingham for quite long time, and it enjoys a high reputation from the buyers and sellers. The swift process experienced and hassle free conveyancing approach are the major take away from the law firm. It offers various conveyancing schemes like “No Win No Fee”, Fixed Price, and Hourly rates.

Property lawyers near me

How to find best property lawyer near me in Birmingham

Property lawyers are very important for the people who are dealing with the selling and buying of the house. It is not only about the money involved in it but also about the time and energy of both the parties. Moreover, if an issue or legal complexity becomes dispute, then it can be a real headache for people. The bottom line of this is to find a good property solicitor who can guide them. But a question always comes in mind how to find the best property lawyers near me? Well, it is not very difficult to answer, but introspection and consideration of some conditions are vital.

How to find best property lawyers near me

Different methods can be implemented to find the best property lawyers in Birmingham. However, the best method is to find the feedback of various property lawyers or law firms in Birmingham. However, if the track record and past performance are not the vital criteria for you to select, then the cost comparison can be another way. The cost comparison method is rather simple. You need to find out the property lawyers in Birmingham from the internet and compare the prices by asking for the quotes. Now, you can also visit the four most affordable property lawyers with good feedback and reputation must be visited. The best one can be selected. However, finding the quotes for different property lawyers can be difficult for few people in Birmingham.

Property lawyers in Birmingham

Birmingham is a beautiful place and is a favourite place for property buying selling as well. There are many law firms and lawyers available in the Birmingham area, and these may be the property lawyers near be as well. However, here are some of the most reputed, popular and affordable lawyers in Birmingham.

Lambert Pugh LLP

Lambert Pugh LLP is one of the best law firms in Birmingham. This law firm is known for the property lawyers. The dedicated lawyers ensure that all the processes are followed before moving on to the dispute. There are different ways of arbitration, and other litigation methods are developed to make an understanding between the parties.

Reilly & Co

This law firm is known for the affordable and brilliant solutions for the property issues and disputes. Property lawyers should not focus on the debate first, and this lawyer firm has competitive price and with a wealth of experience and expertise.

Beaumont Legal

This is another legal and lawyer firm that abides by the regulations and also ensure that the dispute or the issues are solved. This law firm has a reasonable price, great feedback and of course high reputation.

These law firms are best property lawyers near me in Birmingham. However, as a person, it is always better to verify the details and parameters of the lawyers and law firms before finalising.

Birmingham Law Society Solicitors

Birmingham Law Society Solicitors – Significance and Advantages

Birmingham is one of the major cities in the United Kingdom. One of the best places to live and stay, Birmingham has always been one of the favourites for the people who are looking for properties. Conveyancing is one of the most important aspects of the transfer of properties and properties. However, there are many things associated with the conveyancing process. Solicitor is one of the most aspects that can define the entire course of the conveyancing process. Buyers and Sellers look to choose the best solicitors and the best way to find the best solicitor is to find the Law Society Solicitors. However, what is Law Society Solicitors and how they are significant? The significance of these solicitors is beyond the conception of typical conveyancing concepts.

Who are Law Society Solicitors?

Law Society Solicitors are the solicitors who are accredited by the Law Society. Every area has the own professional council or Law Society that accredits recognized and professional solicitors. The Birmingham Law Society does the same with the solicitors. These solicitors are recognized by the Law Society and also it furthers enhances the credibility of the solicitors for the conveyancing process. There are scores of advantages for reaching out to the Law Society Solicitors.

Benefits of Law Accredited Solicitors

There are many advantages of law accredited solicitors that are available in most of the parts of Birmingham. They are credible solicitors as they are already recognized by the Law Society. So, the buyer or the seller needs not to worry about the authenticity of the solicitors. Similarly, the solicitors are accountable to the Law Society, so if anything goes wrong, the Law Society can be immediately contacted.

The conveyancing process should be transparent and fair. The solicitors associated with the Law Society should be fair, transparent and professional. Many solicitors are accredited and recognized by the Law Society, and they are always preferred for the conveyancing in Birmingham.

Law Society Solicitors in Birmingham

Here are some of the famous and popular solicitors associated with Law Society in Birmingham.

Anthony Collins Solicitors LLP

This is one of the most reputed law firm accredited by the Birmingham Law Society for residential conveyancing. The dedicated solicitors for conveyancing and the transparent process make it one of the best in Birmingham. They are located at 134 Edmund Street.


This is another Law Society accredited solicitors firm that are known for the excellent service and convenient conveyancing process. The law firm has been into residential conveyancing for a long time.

Pearson Rowe Ltd

This is again an important law firm known for the services and transparent process. Different schemes for the buyers and sellers for the conveyancing process and the association with the Birmingham Law Society are the highlights of the law firm in Birmingham in the United Kingdom.

Maurice Andrews

Maurice Andrews is an individual solicitor who is known for the skills and conveyancing expertise. One of the best solicitors in Birmingham, Maurice Andrews, is accredited by Birmingham Law Society.

Birmingham property solicitors

Birmingham Online Property Solicitor Service

Using the services of a property solicitor is important, because purchasing or selling a property is such a big commitment, and it can also be very stressful to both buyer and seller. Although doing it yourself is an option; it is better to have someone to help you during the process. There are two different kinds of professionals who can help you out with your conveyancing. You can either hire a Conveyancer or a property solicitor.

There are differences between the conveyancer and the property solicitor, so when hiring one of those make sure you chose the one who fits better for your situation.

Property Solicitor

The property solicitor is a qualified lawyer with a vast knowledge and experience, who can offer full legal services; he or she must be a member of the Birmingham Law Society. Some of the property solicitors, usually the big companies, hire Conveyancers to do their conveyancing.

However, keep in mind that property solicitors are more expensive than Conveyancers.


They have less legal knowledge comparing to property solicitors, but they are more specialised in the property managing segment. When choosing one, make sure he or she is a member of the Council For Licensed Conveyancers.

Benefits of Hiring a Property Solicitor

Having a professional doing all the legal documentations, and fees and inspections, that have to be done to complete a conveyancing transaction is already a great benefit for itself. However, sometimes you most likely be facing difficulties in some operations, or maybe a lease extension could be part of the purchase; perhaps there’s a dispute over the limits of the property, or even sellers using more than one property solicitor.

Those are all things that could be part of your conveyancing experience, and having a property solicitor is the best call, they are more legally prepared to deal with all of the cases above and others you could come across. If there are any issues outside the property law, they would be ready to deal with it.


Finding a Solicitor is not hard; you may find them at the Birmingham Law Society’s website ( However, the site does not give you enough background about the Solicitors. There are also plenty of other web pages which can find and compare Solicitor’s quotes for you, but their services may not free.

The most recommended option to find good property solicitors is talking to other people. Neighbours, family members, friends, anyone you might know who have already used a property solicitors services.

Estimated Costs

You can find free quotations from online sites, but it is not likely contain exact costs. The services are based on the sales price, usually 1% to 3% of the sale plus 20% VAT.

A small research was done with a random Conveyancing Company, and supposed you are selling or purchasing a property for £256,000; this is your estimated cost:


The Solicitor fee would be around £429.00, acting for mortgage lender fee of £60.00, and a VAT of £97.80. A total sale conveyancing fee (Incl VAT) of £586.80, which is approximately %0.43 of the property selling price.


The purchase Solicitor fee of may reach up to £1,182.00, acting for mortgage lender fee of £60.00, and a VAT of £248.40. A total Purchase Conveyancing fee (Incl VAT) of £1,490.40, which is something around %1.7 of the property-buying price.

Keep in mind this quote is only an example, and the numbers here displayed do not reflect what is out there; it could be more than less than that. Make sure you do a proper research before choosing your property solicitor.

Also, making sure you are up to date with the news about Birmingham houses prices, the average homes prices for B17 8 area have risen a lot in the last 20 years. Houses bought in 1995 for £45,000, for example, are now worth approximately £285,000. Whether you are selling or buying, the best is to search a lot about the area before getting anything done.

Best Conveyancing Solicitors

Comparison of Best Conveyancing Solicitors in Birmingham

Birmingham is one of the most desirable areas in the United Kingdom. Many people around the country want to get settled in this beautiful place which has proximity to all facilities and services. There are many freehold and leasehold properties available in Birmingham as well. However, the solicitors in Birmingham are an important issue that must be addressed by the buyer. And here we give you a short rundown of notably best conveyancing solicitors in Birmingham.

Conveyancing process can be simple, complex and very complex depending upon the criteria. There is a different process of obtaining searches and details of the property. There can be legal complexities as well on the property. However, the if the solicitors are sound enough, then one can easily get away with all of these problems and the entire process of conveyancing can be done in easy steps.

The best part of the Birmingham is that there are many qualified solicitors and firms available in this area. The solicitors are experienced, capable and as well as have reasonable price ranges as well. The expertise of these solicitors go beyond the usual conveyancing, and they can take care of the complex processes like redeeming existing mortgage, obtaining new mortgage and remortgage as well. Here are some of the most competitive and efficient solicitors in Birmingham.

Best Conveyancing Solicitors in Birmingham

There are many solicitors and law firms available in this area but here are some of the most popular among the people in Birmingham.

Beaumont Legal

This is a law firm that has an immense reputation in the field of conveyancing. There is personal solicitor led system available, so that a single solicitor can handle a case at one time. There is a facility of online tracking as well. They have even featured in different magazines for the services provided in conveyancing. The average cost of the solicitor is around £200.


NBM Law is a countrywide conveyancing firm with a presence in Dartford area as well. They have an experienced group of solicitors who have been working in the Dartford property market with buyers and sellers alike. NBM Law also has a cost efficient system in place which makes their rates reasonable and affordable.

You can choose both offline and online conveyancing methods with them.

Birchall Blackburn Law

This is also a well-reputed firm and known for the excellence in service. The one solicitor per conveyancing process makes it one of the best choices. The feedback of the solicitors from here is quite impressive, and the average cost of conveyancing is around £ 160 to £200.

Lambert Pugh LLP

This is one of the best choices for the people who are seeking for solicitors in Birmingham. This firm is popular for local and domestic conveyancing and has earned an excellent reputation. The best part of their business is, however, the pricing scheme. All the price of a solicitor in this firm is fixed and on the no completion no fee basis. This can be a huge boost for the buyers and sellers as well. The price of the solicitors here may vary between £200 to £400.

My Home Move Conveyancing

This is also one of the better options in Birmingham. The firm works one the principle of no move no fee basis and that provides certainty to the buyers and sellers. The average price range is between £200 to £500.

All the prices are calculated as per the National Grade 1 region of Birmingham as explained by the Government of UK. The price ranges, however, depends on upon multiple factors like experience and feedback. The brief introduction of these best conveyancing solicitors should be considered but you have to do your own research before you can choose which one is right for you.

Birmingham conveyance solicitors

How to Find Efficient Birmingham conveyance solicitors

Birmingham is blue eye location for many people to live. They buy existing home to move to the dream location through conveyance process. Birmingham conveyance solicitors help buyers to go through the legal and planning process of the conveyance. However, to make the process smooth and better, one must choose an efficient, and trustworthy solicitor. Here is how you can find the Birmingham solicitors for effective conveyance process.

Ways of researching solicitors in Birmingham

Online search

An online search for the solicitor is an effective idea. There are scores of solicitors put their portfolios on the Internet, and you can browse through them. They provide you with the quote for the pricing and the services offered. You can get the years of experience and past records of the solicitors as well. Once you have shortlisted the solicitors, you can make a comparison among them based on what you need. There are many feedbacks provided as well from the past customers’ point of view online and you can go through them to have a clear idea.

Real Estate Agents

The real estate agents provide a reference to some solicitors. The solicitors should be however studied well before hiring for your case. There are occasions where Real Estate Agent has commission based services with the solicitors. You must search for the feedback and go through the portfolios to understand the efficiency of the solicitors. It is a good practice to take suggestions but make your decision with proper research.

Reference from trusted friends and family

You may get references of solicitors from friends and relatives. These references are most useful ones. These are given as per the good experience and feedback. The users who have enjoyed good experience are referred and the solicitors are mostly trustworthy. However, even then the background must be checked.

When the background is checked, one must go through the necessary requirements of the Solicitors. Here are the things that must be verified before hiring Birmingham Conveyance Solicitors.


The experience of the solicitors is crucial. It is a parameter to understand the efficiency of the solicitor. A solicitor who has worked for many years and many clients can have the broad exposure of the different legal challenges, and that can be a decisive factor for the buyer and the seller. However, that does not mean that all experience solicitors are expert in handling the conveyance process.

Legal Expertise and Background

The background of the previous cases of the solicitor must be thoroughly checked. Many solicitors might have years of experience but may not have adequate expertise in the property law and conveyancing process. Also, the legal expertise of the solicitor must be checked very well to understand the nature of background and conveyance process. The solicitors must have the experience in all aspects of conveyancing to facilitate the process.


Feedback is the most important thing for selecting the Birmingham Conveyance Solicitors. Feedback from different sources helps the buyer or seller to understand whether the solicitor is good enough for the purpose. Internet reviews and local recommendation are the best way to evaluate the quality of the solicitor or conveyancing firms.


Price is an important aspect of choosing solicitors. This is dependent on the client and their budget. One must have to understand that solicitor fee is part of the conveyance fee and should go ahead only after considering all these.