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hidden cost of buying a house

Examples of hidden cost of buying a house

Buying a home can be very expensive. The most obvious cost of buying a house is the actual price of the property. Most buyers get into conveyance with only this cost in mind. They fail to realise that there is one or more another hidden cost of buying a house. The result is that the buyer is confronted with bills he did not expect. The worst thing is that these additional expenses have to be paid by the buyers own pockets and not with loans or mortgages. It is important for any buyer to get into conveyance with sufficient knowledge of the expenses he will have to cater for.

The very first cost of conveyance that you will be confronted with is the solicitor’s fees. Solicitors’ fees are a payment made for the services of solicitors. Solicitors are experts in real estate transaction. They help buyers and sellers in exchanging properties. Property transaction cannot sail through smoothly without the input of solicitors. They help buyers and sellers draw contracts, perform property investigations and file relevant documents. They usually charge about £800.

Property survey

The other cost of conveyance is the cost of property survey and valuation. Property survey help elucidate the cost of property. The survey takes into consideration size, location and age of the property.  A buyer cannot get a mortgage without having an accurate property survey report. There are many types of survey reports.  Each of these serves a different purpose and cost a different amount of money. The most important one is the Standard Property Survey. It gives a brief account of the condition of the property and the possible market value of the property. The law requires that a buyer conduct at least the Standard Property Survey.


Stamp duty land tax is the other hidden cost of conveyance. Stamp duty is like an income tax. Strangely, it is charged to the buyer rather than the seller who is indeed the recipient of the price of the house. Stamp duty is charged on any newly built residential home that is worth more than £125,000 or any other property that is at least £40,000.  That is, if you are buying your first home, you will be charged tax when your home is at least £125,000. If the home you are buying is the second or subsequent home, or when it is a buy to let property, taxation begins at house prices of £40,000. Stamp duty taxes, like income taxes, are grouped into various bands with each band having a different rate. The higher the price of your house, the more stamp duty you will have to pay.

Mortgage arrangement fees

You should also expect to pay mortgage arrangement fees. These are the cost of processing a mortgage. Mortgage arrangement fees vary from one lender to the other. Some of these lenders have refundable arrangement fees while others do not. The arrangement fees include mortgage application fees, mortgage broker fees and mortgage transfer fees.  Other conveyance fees include estate agent fees and life insurance processing fees.

conveyancing estimates Birmingham

Birmingham Disbursements and Conveyancing Estimates

Are you looking for a property in the Birmingham area and thinking about the overall cost to be incurred? Well, if you are in the process then it is vital to understand that any standardize conveyancing estimates do not work in Birmingham or any other places in the United Kingdom. The estimates and the budget are different from each and every place in the UK and Birmingham is not different either. There is a separate budget for the solicitors and the disbursement fees that overall make up the Conveyancing cost and estimates.

What are Conveyancing and Disbursement?

Conveyancing is the process of transfer of the property or house both freehold and leasehold from the seller to the buyer. However, there are many legal procedures to the conveyancing process, and there are different costs related to these. Many local authority searches help determine the authority, validity and of course the ownership of the property. There are search fees included, and the buyer has to pay an extra amount for the disbursement process apart from the solicitor fees.

Conveyancing Estimates for Solicitor Fee

The solicitor fee varies with the solicitor or the firm he is related with. There are certain parameters like experience, reputation and success history that may influence the rate. However, on average if the quote of a solicitor is considered then the approximate figure for solicitor fee is around £500. However, this may vary from £350 to £650 depending on the location, estimates and price of the property.

Disbursement Conveyancing Estimates

Disbursements are third party costs, but they are also a part of total conveyancing cost. There are different local searches that the solicitor performs before getting the clearance from all the authorities to go ahead with the conveyancing process. Registration and request for information from authorities will also require some expenses. Here are the different searches and estimates for the same.

Bankruptcy Search

This is important for the Mortgage as well. The buyer or anyone named in the mortgage should not be bankrupt. The fee for it is generally below £5.

Local Authority Searches

The Local authority searches are to determine that the property is under all the prescribed guidelines. Planning Applications, Enforcement Actions, and the Permissions are analyzed before consideration before going ahead. The fee for the searches varies but it is generally within the range of £100 to £200.

Land Registry Office Copies

This is under £10, and it is done to establish that the seller owns the property, and he is the title holder.

Environmental Search

This is not included in the Local Searches and is considered to avoid soil, flood, and other natural contamination. The property should be free from any allegation from environmental searches as well. The fee is generally around £60 including VAT.

Land Registration Fee

It may vary as per the purchase amount of the property is from £20 to £910. However, the amount should be fixed as per the price of the property.

There are different other disbursement fees as well that may come into the budgets like Local Searches of mining and others, telegraphic transfer, drainage and Stamp Duty. The overall cost for the rest of the disbursement can be around £200.

Compare Conveyancing Birmingham

Compare Conveyancing in Birmingham

The real estate has always been a rather challenging market to master even entirely for the professionals. The variables that determine the prices of the property can quickly change depending on the economic climate. In the UK buying or selling a house is not easy and may require all the help you can get. Most people rely on their Realtor to do the hard work for them. A realtor can do a lot for you. It is them who are involved in the hard work of actually searching for a house on the market for buyers and for sellers they list your property on the market seeking for the best deals. No matter the challenges, you have to be informed about what you will expect. The first thing you’ll need to do is compare conveyancing firms in Birmingham.

In Birmingham, a city whose population is just over 1 million the real estate market is one of the most competitive in the country. Besides the challenge of the market in Birmingham, there is the issue of getting your legal papers pertaining to the piece of property you wish to sell or buy. In a country that prides itself on the laws, we make it is vital for one to get your papers taken care of by a professional.

The legalities of a real estate transaction are taken care of by a legal conveyancer or a solicitor who majors in real estate. It is the conveyancer who transfers the property titles from the seller to the buyer. It is thus crucial to get the best conveyancer that you can afford. In Birmingham, there are hundreds of practicing conveyancers and solicitors and like any market, not all of them will perform at the required level. It is up to you to choose the best from the vast pool of labor in the city.

Compare Conveyancing Firms

Firms like Anthony Stockton Solicitors Birmingham, NBM Law, and Relly & Co Solicitors are one of the best-known solicitors in the city. However to choose you will need to compare conveyancing quotes, quality, and experience of the Firms in the city. There are some factors you will need to consider before settling on a solicitor or a conveyancer.

The first and obvious factor is the cost. In the UK the average fee for a conveyancer is about £850, a modest sum considering the price of the property that you are going to sell or buy. The mortgage or remortgage company may include legal costs so that they deal with the legal process themselves. If they do not provide the services themselves, you may be required to seek a solicitor that is approved by the lender. To get the best deal you can request for quotes from two or three conveyancer firms and then weigh to see which suits you best. You can also check their billing methods, some may charge only a fixed fee, on an hourly basis or as a percentage of the property price.

There should also be constant contact between you and your conveyancer. You should always have their phone number or their email.  Other firms have an online case tracking system that will allow you to track the progress of the transaction and ask questions if necessary.

As a buyer, you should always be keen to ensure that you make the right decision. Your conveyancer will determine the success of the transaction and also the legal fees that you will be parting with.

Birmingham midshires conveyancing

Birmingham Midshires Conveyancing: What If Something Goes Wrong?

As far as Birmingham Midshires conveyancing works, you will not go out of pocket because of your solicitor. Why? You will be in safe hands because conveyancing solicitors are trustworthy and competent. Given below are five reasons to assure you that working with conveyancers is safe.

List of things to consider

  1. Compulsory Insurance

Conveyancing professionals have Professional Indemnity Insurance scheme. What is this scheme? This scheme is essential for firms offering conveyancing services. Therefore, you are protected against all the risks,

  1. Regulation

SRA stands for the Solicitors Regulation Authority, which keeps an eye on the conduct of solicitors. The biggest sanction against solicitors is that they may get struck off. As a result, they may no longer practice law. This is a heavy sanction and doesn’t apply to mortgage brokers or estate agents.

  1. Trust

Mostly, confidence is underestimated as far as the process of conveyancing goes. Without trust between you and your conveyancer, the process cannot go as smoothly as it should. Conveyancing professionals depend on the undertakings from their colleagues for paying off a mortgage.

The professionals help with the exchange of contracts even in the contracts that have many links. The building societies and banks give instructions to conveyancers for making use of mortgage funds on their behalf. This is possible only if the funds are used correctly.

4. Complaints Procedures

Every law firm has an in-house complaint process for resolving problems, such as poor service, miscommunication, and misunderstandings. If you have any problem with a conveyancer or a conveyancing firm, you can register your complaint with the internal charge system of the company.

  1. Legal Ombudsman

When all else fails, you can turn to the Legal Ombudsman. The organization came into being in 2010 and is the last resort to resolve unsolved complaints that people have against other law firms.

This authority can help consumers in choosing the best conveyancer. So, you do not have to worry about whether you have opted for the right service provider.

Moving house is stressful whether you are in the best circumstances. If you know you are protected in many ways; you can go with a good professional with peace of mind. As a matter of fact, most professionals are competent and get their job done very well. They do not make mistakes on purpose. That is the reason most deals go well, and both the parties are happy in the end.